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After the 2008 crisis I understood that professional employment was nothing but dead-end servitude in the best-case scenario.

Having to pay for your own training and begging to be an obedient servant following orders to someone who collects the profits, creations and ownership produced by an entire team is a crime against humanity.

How is it possible that people work for decades and own nothing of the work they do?

I then understood that the elite collects all the money generated by everyone during weekday workdays and weekend entertainment, and to keep collecting all the money all they needed was employee schools, universities, diplomas, and resumes.

You own the product of your own efforts and nobody else does.

During the next decade I went in reconstruction mode and reeducated myself. I can now help me and others be a Creator & Owner instead of a broke servant in risk of collapse.

I designed a system to go from servant to creator in a matter of months instead of years, here are the 3 phases:

1. True Identity

2. Emotional Purpose

3. Greatest Creation

These give you the clarity of your natural emotional drive, based on your real identity, which has the energy required to create your life’s greatest creation, a creation that can provide more value than you can and earn more money than you can, even without your presence.

This Creation is not built by risking investment capital, but instead is built with your daily routine, so everyone can do it.

This is the single most exciting adventure in a person’s life and also gives you in return everything you really want in life.

I am therefore launching my Greatest Creation during the course of this year, to help those who are ready to do the same, live in Conscious Purposeful Creatorship, own their creation and provide real needed value to the collective in the best way we can, under our own personal control.

That is Little Ocean Drop

Get your life back!

Email me when ready:




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Little Ocean Drop

Little Ocean Drop

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