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2 min readSep 30, 2021

The game being played on the planet is not the healthy game of life, it is another very unhealthy artificial toxic game, and 99.9% of humanity is loosing hard in that toxic game.

The 0.1% that is winning that toxic game controls all the rules of the game, unfairly, and rips out all the benefit from the loosing 99.9% while gaslighting them about life, with their artificial rules of their toxic game, and with a deadly collateral cost of the slow destruction of the planet and ourselves.

To make it worse, the toxic game they run requires that most of us loose.

The ones winning the toxic game control/craft/manipulate all the information communicated to everyone so that they keep winning the toxic game.

The information we all see is just game strategy for them to win the toxic game, and has absolutely nothing to do with the truth, or with the beautiful natural game of life in which we actually really live in.

The winners think that they are winning the toxic game but in reality in the toxic game nobody wins, actually they lead the destruction of everything we are and have, starting with themselves.

The toxic game is very unhealthy, and most think that it is the natural normal thing to do, since they haven’t seen anything else while alive, due to the information control they live under.

The natural game of life is actually a very healthy, beautiful, and awesome game where we all win, and the planet grows stronger and healthier along with us, in abundance. Just like all dolphins win the game of dolphin life, we can all win too. The healthy game requires healthy mental programming.

We have been playing the toxic game for so long, and living with toxic mental programming for so long that the vast majority of us don’t even know that there is anything else in existence. So most of us are trapped inside the toxic game and currently loosing hard. Some call it ‘The Matrix’, others call it “The System”.

But we don’t have to play the toxic game, we can play instead the healthy beautiful natural game of life, even within the system where the toxic game is played. It is a matter of healthy mental programming, its execution, and its sustenance.

July 2021

Andres Rozo E.




Little Ocean Drop

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