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‘Work’ v ‘Employment’

Little Ocean Drop
3 min readDec 24, 2019


EMPLOYEE = Rentable Disposable Cloned Obedient SERVANT

If you don’t like the word ‘SERVANT’, it’s because you don’t like the concept, calling it differently doesn’t change it.

SERVANTS raising SERVANTS leads to more SERVANTS.

The SERVANT works 6 decades without owning any of the work he/she does.

SERVANT men are emasculated.

SERVANT women are defeminized.

Living in SERVITUDE leads to having masculine women and feminine men.

Masculine women and feminine men destroy the couple, therefore the family, and therefore society.

SERVANTS are individualized and separated from belonging to a tribe or community.

Living in SERVITUDE leads to living in solitude and isolation.

Schools turn creators into SERVANTS.



Producing SERVANTS suits the elite but not the SERVANTS.

The elite is not bad, it is only elite.

SERVANTS are not bad, they are only SERVANTS.

The SERVANT believes that the job is to serve in exchange for money, and because of that then allows others to take away the entire product of their own efforts.

Only you are the entire owner of the product of your own efforts, everything else is a privilege.

Schools don’t teach children to identify what matters to them most in their life, to focus all their efforts on it, and to create their life’s greatest creation, so at 50 they can own 4 decades of their own creation, their most valuable possession, their greatest work ever, and their best contribution to the collective.

The school teaches children to do things they do not want to do, using the most toxic mental programs we have: subjugation, obligation, obedience and punishment, and these are pushed to the point of cultural brainwashing so much that people believe that servitude is the normal.

The masses do not know the difference between work and employment.

The SERVANT (employee) follows orders and the intuition of another person and not their own. This is crazy.

The SERVANT is enslaved, and without rehabilitation will be for life.

The SERVANT considers himself a victim and does not know what he/she has all the power that can exist in a human being.

Being a SERVANT brings depression, addictions, bankruptcies, debts, poverty, poor physical, mental, and emotional health, it is the worst and unhealthiest lifestyle ever.

Being a SERVANT guarantees to have the smallest income level of all, including the abusive minimum wage.

Stop working as another’s SERVANT, enriching another, growing another’s brand, growing another’s business, growing another’s earnings, growing another’s reputation, growing another’s property, building another’s mission, letting others take away the product of your own efforts.

Silence your indoctrinated mind daily and feel your real identity.

Identify what matters most to you in life, your greatest pain in childhood, what life never gave you, and give it to others and yourself, dedicate yourself and your life to the solution and the benefits this brings, you are a natural expert in this, and nobody can beat you.

Use your talents, diplomas, passion, experience, skills, and likes for your mission, but not the other way around.

Between your 10 and 15 years of life, you can start Creating your Life’s Greatest Creation based on your emotional purpose, dedicate all your time and attention to it every day and watch your creation grow year after year more and more, like an ever-growing tree.

Self-educate yourself every day in what your mission requires, do not educate yourself from a servant, educate yourself from a mentor and mental programs that you find in books and videos made by honorable and admirable experts.

TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!!! your time, your purpose and your creation and enjoy a life full of abundance, wealth, service, purpose, virtue, dignity, honor, and love for you, for your mission, for your creation, and for others.

Andres Rozo Echeverry




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