Servants Paying to be trained in things they don't want to do.


Little Ocean Drop


I see Employee Schools as concentration camps training future employees using Obligation and Obedience by force from fear. Employee Schools don’t have actual practitioners mentoring kids but instead they have Clones Cloning Clones, training students to Do Things They Don’t Want To Do by giving them Punishment or Reward and turning many into bullies.


The result is a mass population of Cloned Rentable Obedient Servants following orders, doing things they don’t want to do for decades and not owning the product of their efforts, receiving punishment and rewards, with serious lack of identity and purpose and with severe emotional problems. That is why we see most people do things they don’t want to do and are lost, depressed, unfulfilled, broke, anxious, in debt and addicted.


Not until we stop using Subjugation at home/school/employment we will be able to abolish our culture of enslavement.


Employee = Cloned Rentable Disposable Obedient Servant.

Only YOU Own The Entire Product of Your Own Efforts.


At least slaves have an owner that takes care of them, but employees have to pay for their own training and pray to get rented out to serve their master.



1️⃣ Experience Who You are, this reprograms your Mental Operating System.

2️⃣ Identify what You Care for the most, what hurts you the most, your biggest life pain, and what life never gave you, the opposite of this gives You your only real pull.

3️⃣ Get rid of all the bullshit programming given to you by everyone you met before now.

4️⃣ Stop using Fear and Only use Love.

5️⃣ Learn how to listen to your Soul and Intuition, don’t trust your Instinct or your Mind.

6️⃣ Begin creating your Greatest Creation and providing the service that naturally comes out of your heart, the one that nobody else does or has, and the one where You are an Automatic Mind-blowing Serious Genius at since you were a kid, this is your best way to serve the collective and what gives You THE LIFE YOU WANT.

7️⃣ Be Who You Really Are and Do what You were always meant to do!





avoid becoming an

choosing the wrong career:




Little Ocean Drop

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