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Men want the very best for women, but new wave feminism is protecting women by attacking men, instead of asking men for help.

So new wave feminism attacked men so much that now men avoid women, and that gave more safety to men and less safety to women.

This happens all over politics too, haters hating on haters because they hate, it makes no sense whatsoever.

The only way to deal with an undesired mental program is by role modeling the ideal mental program.

In other words, new wave feminism is working against women, but many are not aware and are attacking men even harder.

Ideal role models are needed, this is going to take a long time to solve.

Men are getting more informed than ever before thanks to mgtow, redpill, and healthy masculine mental programs.

Informed men will not approach women for many things now, and especially not for LTR, marriage, cohabitation, and having children, until the current laws that benefit women change and are safe for men. New wave feminism seems to be pushing the women's preference even further instead of healthier.

Men are doing their part by protecting themselves avoiding women. This is what is happening regardless of what would be ideal. Women can choose to further push men away or the opposite.

The masculine woman is an unhealthy archetype for being female and for pair-bonding.

The feminine man is an unhealthy archetype for being male and for pair-bonding.

The best software for the female body is feminine.

The best software for the male body is masculine.

Significant extra efforts are needed in today's society to be/have masculine men and feminine women. Hollywood’s and Disney’s algorithms and agendas have been way too manipulated to the point that society lost its course and pair-bonding is not clearly understood or safe anymore.

Don’t attack and don’t be the attacker.

Only help helps.

Scapegoating only builds more problems.

Don’t leave this in the hands of others.

Do what is within your reach about this.

This is your/our responsibility.

Don’t judge the messenger, provide value instead, help out, work on you, you control you.

Replacing a mental program is not like having an opinion, it requires replacing an entire belief system.



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