Little Ocean Drop

May 21, 2019

2 min read

I was a Servant for different businesses

(while they made their money)

Midlife crisis happens when a person realizes that the life promised is not there.
Employee = Cloned Rentable Disposable Obedient Servant
It took me 15 professional years to understand that.
At 35 I realized that after 30 years of employee school and employment I HAD NOTHING to my name, I had nothing I could sell, I only debt to my name, also I was clueless on how to sell and make money, I was only an expert at following orders and doing what I was trained to do, which was not being me.🕳
Right there I understood that in employment I was Not the owner of the product of my efforts, I was Not the owner of my creations and I was Not the owner of all the hard work I had done with ALL the Energy of My Life until then. THAT REALLY SUCKS!
Right there I also understood who created that system and who benefited from it. This means now I know how to benefit from it, and most importantly how not to use others and perpetuate the toxic system im exiting from.
The new paradigm was clearly exposed: from now on, I Own Everything I Create, I follow my own intuition, instead of the intuition of another person, everything I create is aligned with my own life long purpose which is aligned with my real identity. So identifying WHAT TO DO is the first very important decision for the work I am about to do in the next 3 decades!
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