Little Ocean Drop
2 min readApr 2, 2020

feminine males chase women, and lust, and vice

feminine males are female-chasers

masculine females enjoy being chased by female-chasers

a female chased by a male is chased by a female-chaser

female-chasers chase females

female-chaser will chase more females

females accepting female-chasers accept more female-chasers

masculine men pursue purpose, and they are pursued by feminine women

masculine men are not female-chasers

a not female-chaser will not chase females

feminine women pursue masculine men
(in this era this sentence is heavily rejected by masculine females, and narcissists, they want to be chased)

masculine men don’t chase women, they pursue purpose

masculine men welcoming a woman pursuing him is welcoming a feminine female, a woman

I have a program for men interested in switching from being feminine to being masculine, email me when ready

I have a program for women interested in switching from being masculine to being feminine, email me when ready

Little Ocean Drop

male is hardware
masculine is software
man is archetype

female is hardware
feminine is software
woman is archetype

in today’s society,
most males are feminine and most females are masculine

they are not that, but they are using that mental program primarily, it can be changed, reprogramed, with work, and protection can be installed to protect from confusing and indoctrinating media feeds



Little Ocean Drop

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