I did not sign up to be an employee, no way

Choosing The Wrong Career

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ADULT: What career are you going to study?
STUDENT: mmmmmmm

Dear 18 year old student,
Before selecting an industry to get into, ask yourself:
Do You want to be an employee?

Be an employee? How are you going to know what is like to be an employee if you have never been one?

If that conversation actually happens and you are selecting something between industries and being an employee or not, you are just selecting something which you are not already, a superimposed identity, and you are doing it for the second time in your life, probably out of social pressure.

The first time you decided to be something you are not already was when enrolling in school, but this decision was made by your parents, at this point you might think that making this kind of decisions is a normal thing, and it might be done by most, but it not necessarily a healthy or a wealthy thing to do.

You already have an identity and you already have something you care for the most in life, and your natural drive calls you toward it every day at every moment, even if subconsciously. You can identify your drive by silencing your thought mind and feeling with the body and listening to your heart, the answer is deep inside, maybe hard to reach but it is there, it is what actually drives you and all your decisions. It is also the one thing that you have had to suppress the most because it screams the loudest, and you felt a need to silence it in order to fit in, be liked, accepted, and loved by others. This is what people who are in midlife crisis, after 20 years of being an employee, and 40 years of following orders, are now trying to find and identify, because they notice that they are not being themselves, they are not happy with who they are being, they are not fulfilled by what they do, and they are acting a taught false identity which just feels foreign and toxic at this point. They realize that those false superimposed tool and employee identities are just not healthy or wealthy and they have never been.

Ultimately you are just trying to select a costume, a label, a superimposed identity, the identity of a tool, that is why it feels forced, because you are not a tool, and you actually have a purpose, something you care for the most in life, what life never gave you, your biggest pain. Yes, your biggest pain is what you want to solve the most. Yes what life never gave you is what you desire the most, you desire the feeling of getting it, and nobody is better than you at this particular mission, which actually lots more people need help with, and you are the one that can provide that help, that service.

At 18, most people are forced to select which tool to be, and many select based on a salary rate and this is a very bad way to select which tool to be, if to be a tool at all. Tools are commodities, and you are not a commodity, you are not a tool.

Tools are used/employed, by someone with a purpose, the purpose can be conscious (a mission) or unconscious (make money), the later one is an empty mission, the first one fulfills a drive, and answers to a real need, and the first one can earn even more money than the ‘money making’ one, because there is a real emotional drive behind it.

1. What are you? (in one word)
2. Who are you? (another one word)
3. What are you here to do? why?

Write down the answers in a piece of paper so that you can look at them and read them and feel them. Then rinse and repeat several times and compare different answers, allow your self to have this conversation with your self on paper, do it on paper, on paper, write down with pen and paper so you can find things within yourself that you have never seen.

Your friend and greatest creation mentor,

Andres Rozo
Little Ocean Drop

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